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SVG Media, a Smile Vun Group company, is a leading Indian Digital Media Network with 45 Million Unique Visitors in India. SVG Media, formerly known as Tyroo Media, started its India operations in 2006. Currently, SVG Media has presence in India, South East Asia and the Middle East.

SVG Media’s Operations Are Divided Into Four Businesses:

APAC’s Largest Multi-Screen Performance Network, Tyroo works with over 5000 publisher’s across the globe to offer solutions such as- affiliate marketing, mobile affiliate marketing, retargeting and pay-per-call. Tyroo reaches over 75% unique advertisers in India works with all major e-commerce and internet companies to drive transactions and acquisitions utilizing its performance network. Tyroo is amongst the top 3 customer acquisition channels for a majority of digital businesses and is clocking 100% y-o-y growth.

1st Data Provider for Digital Marketing in India, SEA and MEA, PrecisionMatch was launched in October 2012. PrecisionMatch is the only provider of effective audience data for display advertising. PrecisionMatch launched operations simultaneously in three markets: India, Singapore and Dubai with 50M unique users and around 60% of internet users across a variety of consumer segments.

India’s Leading Digital ad-Network, DGM India was formed in the year 2007 and was a subsidiary of Asia Digital Holdings Plc., a London Stock Exchange listed company. DGM is the first affiliate network in the country and amongst the leading ad networks in the country. DGM is the largest acquisition channel for online travel businesses. Tyroo acquired DGM India in April 2012.

Everything Digital That’s it! is the axiom of SVG Media’s latest venture PlatformPlay Media Ventures. PlatformPlay is the first of its kind company in the Indian digital space focussed on devising the India Entry Strategy for businesses looking at increasing their presence in the region. PlatformPlay will be offering 360 degree services to help international digital media players launch their business in India. PlatformPlay’s offerings include- Build Operate Transfer (BOT) model, monetization through representation, joint ventures, brand licensing, consulting etc . The venture is being led by Rammohan Sundaram as the Chairman and Managing Director with majority stakes from SVG Media

Manish Vij

Founder and CEO


Manish has founded leading internet companies in areas of digital marketing and e-commerce with international joint ventures and leading venture capital firms. Manish’s entrepreneurial ventures include:


Prior to establishing SVG and Vun Network, Manish was associated with Rediff.com for over 4 years and he also started India’s first digital classifieds business- kabadibazaar.com in 1999.
Manish, an MBA in marketing is not only a pioneer in the internet marketing space but also one of the youngest dotcom entrepreneurs. Manish has represented the Indian digital industry in various domestic and international industry forums, events and seminars.

Harish Bahl

Founder and Chairman


Harish Bahl, founder Smile Group, is a serial entrepreneur who has successfully founded some of the leading ecommerce and digital media companies in India & other emerging markets, in the space of travel, healthcare, ecommerce, and digital marketing . His portfolio includes FashionAndYou.com, DealsAndYou.com, BeStylish.com, FreeCultr, Juvalia, Quasar (now majority acquired by WPP), Squad, Tyroo, SeventyNine & many such successful companies.
Harish was awarded with the Udyog Rattan in year 2009 & was awarded as the Best Entrepreneur of the Year in 2011.
Harish, co-founded the global incubator SpringStar – which is promoting entrepreneurship in the Digital Space by launching multiple successful business models and has operations in multiple emerging markets like Brazil, India, Russia, Germany, Turkey, Australia, Africa etc. SpringStar also has partnered with very fast growing US Internet companies like AirBnB.com and acts as their Globalization partner to roll out their operations in markets outside of US.

Business Leads

Siddharth Puri

Siddharth Puri
CEO, Tyroo


Siddharth Puri, CEO, Tyroo has over 10 years of experience in the digital space. Siddharth is a veteran in setting up and operating Internet as profitable delivery channel for businesses.
In his current association, Siddharth not only established performance marketing as an effective marketing channel in India but also enabled Tyroo to be the market leader in the performance marketing space. Under Siddharth’s leadership, Tyroo became one of the largest customer acquisition channels for e-commerce, BFSI and other digital businesses. Today, Tyroo works with almost 90% of e-commerce companies and all large digital media and BFSI players. Prior to Tyroo, Siddharth established and managed Admissionhelp.com, India’s Leading Online Admission Management Service for Universities. Siddharth is an active blogger and a frequent at industry events in the digital media space. Siddharth holds a B.S degree in Software Engineering from Australia.

Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi

Business Head, PrecisionMatch


Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi, Business Head, PrecisionMatch (Smile Vun Group) has been in digital media industry for over 6 years.
Prior to PrecisionMatch, Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi held the role of National Head: Sales Strategy, Yahoo! India. Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi has also been associated with organizations such as Radio One and STAR TV in various roles.
Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi is a veteran in media sales, has over 16 yrs of experience in leading business development and media sales for brands across business verticals and media genres.
Chandrabhanu Pattajoshi has strong functional expertise in digital media space including strategic sales, account management, digital marketing, online advertising, marketplace, product offerings, internet technologies, digital strategy, digital media and mobile advertising.

Anurag Gupta

Founder & MD, DGM India


Anurag Gupta, Founder & MD, DGM India has over 20 years of experience across diverse industries – FMCG, Office Automation, Stock Broking, Media & Internet.
During his 20 years career, Anurag has handled a wide spectrum of functions – Sales, Business Development, Marketing Communication, Operations Management, Logistics and Sales Administration.
Anurag has been in the Internet space for over 10 years, currently he is the Founder & MD of DGM India, for which he concluded an MBO along with India’s leading online marketing group – SVG Media.
Prior to DGM, Anurag was associated with one of India’s largest Internet entity – Indiatimes.com for 4 years where he was instrumental in creating and heading the “Subscriptions” business.

Rammohan Sundaram

Chairman & Managing Director, PlatformPlay Media


Rammohan Sundaram, Chairman & Managing Director, PlatformPlay Media Ventures Pvt Ltd has undertaken some path breaking projects in the Indian digital eco-system. Prior to launching PlatformPlay; Ram launched, operated and successfully sold NetworkPlay Media Pvt Ltd Bertelsmann AG’s Gruner+Jahr.
Ram’s past endeavors include: launching a Brand Ad-Network, instrumental in bringing LinkedIn into India a JV with DMG events for delivering leading events such as ad:tech and iMedia Summits.
Ram has worked in leadership roles with Fortune 500 companies such as Yahoo India, Tribal DDB, Madison Communications, Jobsahead.com, Encore Events, Microland and Indian Express before turning into an entrepreneur. Ram is an engineering graduate with an MBA from IAU, California and an alumnus of Harvard Business School where he pursued his Management Program in Strategic Marketing Management.
Ram is a thought leader and often seen at industry forums as a speaker, mentor and a networker with a single passion to grow the digital eco-system in India. Ram has won several awards at renowned shows such as Cannes, Asian Advertising Festival, World Brand Congress, CMO Asia Summits Etc.



SVG is always looking for good talent!



DATE - April 2, 2013
SVG Media continues to retain its leadership position with the current reach of 31.2 million unique visitors. As per the latest comScore numbers, SVG Media (including all entities: Tyroo, Velocity, PrecisionMatch and DGM India) is the third largest display ad-network in India after Google and Tribal Fusion and the largest Indian display ad-network.



DATE - January 18, 2013
SVG Media (formerly known as Tyroo Media) has announced the launch of its data backed display ad network – Velocity – in India and APAC. SVG Media’s leading display ad network business, Tyroo Audience, has been dissolved to make way for the data targeted display ad network, Velocity.


Rammohan Sundaram partners Manish Vij to launch PlatformPlay

DATE - March 04, 2013
Rammohan Sundaram, erstwhile co-founder and CEO of digital advertising network Networkplay, has launched his new venture named PlatformPlay Media. According to the company, PlatformPlay will be the India-entry strategists for various digital publishers across the globe. The venture is backed by Manish Vij and Harish Bahl-led Smile Vun Group.


HR Speaks

SVG Employees of the Quarter(A-M-J)

Like the last quarter, SVG announced the second “employees of the Quarter” award. The winners for the quarter of April-May-June are
  • Rajendra Patra- Finance- Corporate
  • Saurabh Bhatnagar- Delivery- Tyroo
  • Animesh Kumar- Delivery- PrecisionMatch
  • Sandeep Kumar- Technology- DGM


We organized a training session for our enthusiastic employees, by Dale Carnegie India.
Dale Carnegie is one of the premier training institutes for soft skills and behavioral training.

Headquartered in Hauppauge, New York, Dale Carnegie Training is represented in all 50 of the United States and over 80 countries. More than 2700 instructors present Dale Carnegie Training programs in more than 25 languages. Dale Carnegie Training is dedicated to serving the business community worldwide. In fact, approximately 8 million people have completed Dale Carnegie Training.

The certification workshop focusing on High Impact Communication, aimed at
• Replacing shyness with confidence
• Meeting new people easily
• Influencing people to your point of view
• Reducing self-consciousness and fear
• Dealing effectively in difficult situations

The participating employees were completely thrilled and excited for the workshop. After the two day workshop, there was a certain determination for implementing what they learnt in the sessions.
SVG Media adds one more session of Joining Learn and Fun together, in their kitty!

SVG Employees of the Quarter (J-F-M)

Often we hear about the Employee of the Quarter culture prevailing in organizations both big and small. But what to do when you are a bouquet of businesses, we created
Yes! One employee, per business, who out performs the rest in the tenure of the past three months.
We knew we will make history when we declare “The first five employees of the quarter for the months of January February and March 2013” ( Mukesh Bajpai – Velocity, Richa Khera – Tyroo Media , Anshul Joshi – Precision Match , Saurabh Singhania – DGM , Ashwani Mehta – Corp Team)

SVG Media Celebrates Holi in a very
Colorful way

"Bura na Mano Holi Hai…!!"

Holi- the colorful festival of India was celebrate in the same style . Holi brings with it the images of Color Food and Sweets. Dressed up in white ethnic wear , the ladies and gentleman of SVG Media celebrated Holi in Style.
A food Potluck was the highlight of the menu where in home cooked delicacies were brought in by the employees . We finished the feast with sumptuous home cooked desserts . Later in the day, when our dear friends could not hold it any longer, they played dry holi with natural colors and yes NO WATER!!
All in all the festive week was a blast with first holi preparations , holi and post holi hangover

SVG Media Celebrates Tyroo Fitness Week

By: Amrinder Kaur, July 04, 2012
“ There is no one giant step that does it , it’s a lot of little steps”

Fitness is not only an important part of Employee Engagement but also for employee health and in broader perspective impacts the health of the organisation.
There are a number of reasons why we thought of taking an active interest in organising the fitness week for employees. It’s in the best interest of businesses to make it as easy as possible for their employees to make healthy lifestyle choices. Fit employees are much less likely to miss days from work due to health issues than those who are out of shape.
It’s a culture than needs toi be inculcated in employees , taking small steps at regular time intervals hence we started with the fitness week at Tyroo. We started by replacing the oh-not-so-healthy snacks with their healthy counterparts like digestive biscuits, diet snacks , Tang , fresh fruits , sprouts, egg salad and the like.
With the incredibly positive response that we got from the employees , we plan to increase the frequency of this activity in order to aim for a completely FIT N FINE organisation.

Stay fit! Stay Happy

SVG Media Celebrates Women’s Day!!

By: Amrinder Kaur, March 14, 2013
“...Behind Every Successful Man there is a woman,
                 But behind every successful woman..well it’s the woman herself….”

Considering how we women have conquered the world and beyond, every day should be celebrated as women’s Day. With every “Thank You Mom” , “Thank god for a little sister”, “You complete me , wife” , Somehow, I believe, in little ways, it still is .
With the kind of position, importance and respect this world’s 50.9 % of population has received, there is no denial women sure are important. We just need to make them feel the same a little more, a little often
On the occasion of International women’s Day, we at SVG Media , tried to make our lovely ladies feel a little more special . The gang of ladies had a blast while exchanging gifts and cutting a cake decorated just the perfect “girlie” way.
Each woman got a bunch of white roses from the male colleagues as a sign of respect and care for them which perfectly coordinated with the dress code of pink, red and orange for the special day. Those who couldn’t arrange for a rose, got us a lovely surprise in the form of “white” icing cake.

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